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Coron is on many peoples bucketlist, theres much to do and see here. The island of Coron is one of the most beautiful in the Philippines. You will find countless range of blue and turquoise colours hemmed in by rugged limestone hills. Coron is famous for its breathtaking island hopping, and for being one of the best places in earth for wreck diving.

Coron is just one of the four municipalities that make up the Calamianes, a stellar group of islands that speck the waters of North Palawan. Coron Island is the island that you will visit doing island hopping, but most travelers have their base in Coron Town, a small town located on the island of Busuanga.

The best way to get to know Coron is with its different tours. So what are you waiting for?

How to get there

You can either reach Coron by air or sea.
Option 1: Airplane
The nearest airport to Coron is at Busuanga, approximately 15km from Coron Town. This will always be the quicker option but most expensive at the same time.
Option 2: Ferry/Boat
Coron has a sea port that serves ships from Manila and other provinces. Ferries are a common travel option as it’s the cheapest way, however the tradeoff is that, it is much slower. Book your tickets with us Green Gecko Company.

Day Tours

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