When one thinks of El Nido, visions of pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and dramatic limestone cliffs often come to mind. However, beyond the enchanting coastline lies a world of equally captivating inland attractions waiting to be explored. In this guide, we embark on a journey to uncover the hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path wonders that make El Nido a destination of diverse natural beauty.

Nagkalit-kalit Falls: A Refreshing Oasis


Nagkalit-kalit Falls is located approximately 17 kilometers from El Nido town, hidden within the dense foliage of the rainforest.


For those seeking a refreshing escape, Nagkalit-kalit Falls is a hidden oasis waiting to be discovered. A trek through the verdant forest leads you to this tranquil cascade, offering a chance to cool off in the crystal-clear pool beneath the falls.

The journey to Nagkalit-kalit Falls itself is an adventure, with lush greenery enveloping the trail. As you navigate the path, listen to the symphony of birds and rustling leaves, adding to the sense of serenity that accompanies this inland gem.

Taraw Cliff: A Panoramic Perspective


Taraw Cliff, also known as El Nido Viewpoint, is perched high above the town of El Nido, accessible through a challenging but rewarding trek.


For panoramic vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see, conquer the ascent to Taraw Cliff. This limestone karst formation offers a breathtaking view of Bacuit Bay, El Nido town, and the surrounding islands.

The trek, while steep and demanding, unveils a unique perspective of El Nido’s coastal wonders. Once at the summit, the sweeping views make the effort worthwhile, providing an unparalleled appreciation for the scale and beauty of the karst landscape.

el nido

Bulalacao Falls: Hidden Cascades


Tucked away in the lush landscapes beyond El Nido, Bulalacao Falls offers a secluded retreat.


Venture into the heart of El Nido’s inland beauty with a visit to Bulalacao Falls. The trek to the falls leads you through dense forests and babbling streams, setting the stage for a serene encounter with nature.

Upon reaching Bulalacao Falls, you’ll be greeted by cascading waters and a natural pool. Take a refreshing dip, surrounded by the sounds of the forest and the cool embrace of the falls. It’s an oasis of tranquility that feels a world away from the coastal bustle.

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Tips for Exploring El Nido’s Inland Attractions:

  1. Local Guides:
    • Consider hiring a local guide for treks and excursions to ensure a safe and insightful experience. They can provide valuable information about the flora, fauna, and local culture.
  2. Appropriate Footwear:
    • Wear comfortable and sturdy footwear, especially for treks. The terrain can vary from sandy paths to rocky trails, so proper shoes will enhance your comfort and safety.
  3. Hydration and Snacks:
    • Carry sufficient water and snacks, especially for longer treks. Staying hydrated is crucial, and having energy-boosting snacks can keep you fueled during your explorations.
  4. Responsible Tourism:
    • Respect the natural environment and local communities. Follow designated trails, avoid littering, and adhere to responsible tourism practices to help preserve El Nido’s inland beauty.
  5. Weather Considerations:
    • Be aware of the weather conditions, especially during the rainy season, as trails may become slippery. Check with local guides for up-to-date information before embarking on treks.

El Nido’s allure extends beyond its captivating coastlines. The inland attractions offer a different dimension to the destination, unveiling lush landscapes, hidden waterfalls, and panoramic viewpoints that showcase the diverse beauty of Palawan. As you venture into the heart of El Nido’s inland treasures, let the untouched natural wonders and the sense of exploration create lasting memories of a journey into the heart of this tropical paradise.