5 Essentials for your Coron Island Hopping Excursion! 

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You’ve booked your Coron tour and are ready for an unforgettable island-hopping excursion in Palawan. Now you need to make sure you’ve packed all the essentials! 

    • Swimsuits- you’ll spend your tour in and out of the ocean, pack a comfy swimsuit or two so your adventure isn’t interrupted by changing in and out of dry clothes.
    • Quick-dry towels- the ultimate travel essential! A soggy wet towel is no help on a boat trip. 
    • Hat or cap for sun protection- not only does a cap protect your skin, it’ll block the sun so you can enjoy the beautiful views! 
    • Reef safe sunscreen- keep your skin and the reef safe with reef safe sunscreen. Don’t let your trip be soiled by a bad sunburn! Just check the bottle before you buy to ensure it is reef safe! 
    • Waterproof bag- to keep your electronics and essentials safe from splashing waves. 

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