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Travel with Purpose: Palawan’s Community Projects

Community-based tourism initiatives in Palawan showcase the efforts of local communities to promote sustainable and responsible tourism.



These initiatives aim to involve residents in tourism activities, preserving culture, promoting environmental conservation, and providing economic benefits to the community. Here’s a detailed list of such initiatives:

  1. Tribal Adventures:
    • Location: Puerto Princesa
    • Highlights: Tribal Adventures offers community-based tours that engage with local Tagbanua communities. Visitors can experience traditional fishing, visit a Tagbanua village, and participate in cultural exchanges.
  2. Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm:
    • Location: Bataraza
    • Highlights: The Enchanted Farm focuses on sustainable agriculture and community development. Visitors can participate in farm activities, learn about social entrepreneurship, and interact with locals.
  3. Barangay Babuyan Ecotourism:
    • Location: Port Barton
    • Highlights: This initiative involves the local community in Port Barton, offering guided tours to waterfalls, mangrove areas, and community projects. Visitors can experience the authentic rural life of Palawan.
  4. Tubban Lagoon Community Tour:
    • Location: Coron
    • Highlights: Organized by the Calamian Tagbanua people, this tour takes visitors to Tubban Lagoon, where they can learn about traditional fishing techniques, explore mangrove areas, and experience the community’s way of life.
  5. Cuyo Hilot Spa:
    • Location: Cuyo
    • Highlights: The Cuyo Hilot Spa is a community-based project that offers traditional Filipino massage and wellness services. The initiative empowers local practitioners and promotes traditional healing practices.
  6. Tau’t Bato Community-Based Tourism:
    • Location: Ransang, Palawan
    • Highlights: This initiative allows visitors to experience the culture of the Tau’t Bato indigenous people. Activities include traditional basket weaving, river cruising, and cultural exchanges.
  7. Kuyawyaw Falls Community Tour:
    • Location: Roxas
    • Highlights: Organized by the local community, this tour takes visitors to Kuyawyaw Falls, where they can appreciate nature, swim in natural pools, and support community-led conservation efforts.
  8. Community-Based Sustainable Tourism in Linapacan:
    • Location: Linapacan
    • Highlights: Linapacan’s community-based sustainable tourism initiative focuses on island-hopping tours, showcasing pristine beaches, coral reefs, and traditional practices of the Calamian Tagbanua people.
  9. Pala’wan Community Eco-Cultural Tourism:
    • Location: Aborlan
    • Highlights: This initiative involves the Pala’wan indigenous community, offering tours that include traditional basket weaving, visits to tribal settlements, and insights into their sustainable farming practices.
  10. Coron Youth Club:
    • Location: Coron
    • Highlights: The Coron Youth Club is involved in community projects and environmental initiatives. They organize tours, beach clean-ups, and educational programs, engaging both locals and tourists in responsible tourism practices.
  11. Bacuit Bay Community Tour:
    • Location: El Nido
    • Highlights: This community-based tour takes visitors to less crowded spots in Bacuit Bay, where they can interact with local fishermen, learn about sustainable fishing practices, and enjoy the beauty of the area.
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These community-based tourism initiatives in Palawan exemplify the commitment of local communities to preserving their cultural heritage, protecting the environment, and sharing their unique way of life with visitors in a responsible and sustainable manner.