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Coron El Nido, 3 day 2 night Amazing boat tour

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Green Gecko’s Ultimate Island Expedition is an amazing 3 days (or more) of intense island hopping adventure from El Nido to Coron and Coron to El Nido. The 3 day expedition is for true explorers who are willing to “rough it” and live without all the comforts of life for a few days. Green Gecko has designed this fantastic island adventure with a backpackers budget in mind, keeping the expedition open and flexible, adjustable to fit everyone’s budget. Green Gecko’s island adventure starts at only 18,900 php for an amazing 3 day island hopping package. The price includes your beach cottage (or tent) with a foam mattress (each sleeps 2 people), a pillow and bed sheet, all your meals, daily complementary cocktails and of course your transportation between El Nido and Coron (fast ferry 2816php) . So actually it’s very cheap when you consider everything that’s included. Compare that with our competitors at between 25,000 and 35,000php for a 3 day island adventure.

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Remember to expect only the unexpected. The wild outdoors also has wild weather , wild animals and wildly annoying insects. As with any true Explorer surviving all the natural elements is part of the expedition experience and it’s what makes this an expedition and not a tour. This expedition is not for the faint of heart, the weak of body or soul or the pampered and spoiled. It’s designed to give you a unique, down to earth, natural island experience…. this is not a 5 star luxury tour,  it’s an extreme ultimate expedition. If you can hack the elements you will love the elements.





The day starts in El Nido ( or opposite if leaving from Coron) with an 8am meeting at the van terminal. Here we will board a private van and drive for approximately 30- 40 min to the main El Nido port in Dipnay.  This is where our vessel, “Green Gecko Island Explorer” will be waiting for you. When everyone’s present and all aboard The Explorer, we set sail slowly hopping our way to Linapacan Island. As mentioned,  Linapacan Island is listed as the # 1 Island with the clearest water in the world. Linapacan is home to 52 amazing and isolated islands in the Philippines. Breathtaking beauty right in front of your eyes. Hiking and exploring the islands and it’s hidden treasures and doing some kayaking, swimming and snorkeling, spear fishing, caving, beach volleyball and beach paddle ball are all options . For the lazy or the tired, maybe just chilling out in one of our beach hammocks or sun tanning on the beach….whatever tickle’s your fancy.

As Green Gecko’s expedition progresses,  we stop for an amazing lunch (we offer both meat and vegan options are available) .  We will visit two more islands after lunch before heading to our first base camp, where we will set up our beach huts or tents  and get settled for the evening. 

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At 6 pm hopefully we are all cleaned up and ready to have a delicious dinner, again either meat or vegetarian meals are available. After dinner we will sit around the open fire (sometimes it’s just too hot for a fire) and socialize maybe playing various card or drinking games, strumming acoustic guitars, ukulele, playing drums and singing along. Green Gecko is all about the ambiance, having fun together and making new friends. Socializing and jamming or just relaxing on the beach, always brings a beautiful end to a great day.



Wake up and smell the coffee….Day 2 starts with a nice hardy breakfast of Eggs, corn beef or sausage, rice (yes we are in Asia) and toast or a 3 egg vegetarian omelette.  After breakfast we will board  “Green Gecko Island Explorer” and continue our epic journey to the tiniest nooks and crannies, hidden bays or secluded sandbars. Today, live yesterday we will visit some of the top islands in the Philippines, if not the world.

As usual, lunch will be eaten on a beautiful secluded beach in the middle of paradise…the Linapacan Island chain.


With safety in mind, the islands we visit depends on wind, wave and water conditions and are subject to change without prior notice. This decision is at the soul discretion of the Captain.  The islands we visit usually include the following: Green Geckos very own “Monkey Beach”, Bulog Dos or Ditatayan , Waling Waling, Takling , Cobra, Cagdanao and Kala-Kala islands just to name a few. Here you will find beautifully isolated white sandy beaches, amazing coral and vibrantly colorful fish. There are also some caves, waterfalls and even some cliffs for jumping off, all for you to explore. Our guides will also teach you some local culture and traditions and even instruct some basic jungle survival skills, including spear fishing.  Ahhh…. another amazing dinner on a desolate beach, this is real paradise , so relaxing and detoxifying.


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Wake up and smell the coffee…. the longer your away from civilization the better a good cup of coffee smells.   The refreshing aroma of the sea winds and salt water is so invigorating.  A great break for any weary traveler.  We start day 3 with a full breakfast then pack up to see more exotic island,  totally desolate and uninhabited.  All we can promise you is that every island is unique and totally awesome. 

By mid afternoon on the 3rd day we make our way to our final destination, either the Port of Coron or El Nido with a planned arrival of 4 to 5 pm. These arrival times may vary based on weather conditions.

For guests who didnt get enough of “Paradise” and wish to extend their stay at Green Gecko’s Base camp it’s simple and affordable. The base price of 3,250 pesos per day includes your hut or your very own personal tent and 3 delicious home cooked meals…..and don’t forget our complimentary cocktail “Jungle Juice”.  Additional island tours are available every day and there is a set discounted group price for all the different tours.

Come and detoxify yourself from all the stress’s of life / social media., with some of the whitest sands and clearest waters in the world. Feel free to do more of everything you enjoy, island hopping exploring, snorkeling or diving, kayaking or  , spear fishing, caving or whatever you desire.



Should you require more information feel free to contact us on Whatsapp +63936-870-3054 or by email . You will have so much fun with Green Gecko that’s our guarantee to you.

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    Thank you Green Gecko that was the best experience I have done in my life . Islands were amazing the staff were super cool And I made so many good friends.

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