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Here's a detailed list of group activities you can enjoy in these islands:

Island Bonding: Unforgettable Group Activities in 2024

Both Busuanga in Palawan and Balabac are known for their stunning natural beauty and offer various group activities.

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Here’s a detailed list of group activities you can enjoy in these islands:

Busuanga, Palawan:

  1. Island Hopping Tours:
    • Explore the beautiful islands and coves around Busuanga, including Coron Island, Culion Island, and the stunning Coron Bay. Island hopping tours often include stops for snorkeling and swimming.
  2. Coron Bay Wreck Diving:
    • Discover the underwater world by going on a diving expedition. Coron is famous for its World War II shipwrecks submerged in Coron Bay, providing an exciting diving experience.
  3. Maquinit Hot Springs:
    • Relax with your group at the Maquinit Hot Springs, a natural saltwater hot spring nestled amidst lush mangrove forests.
  4. Mount Tapyas Hike:
    • Hike to the top of Mount Tapyas for a panoramic view of Coron Town. It’s a great group activity, and reaching the summit is especially rewarding during sunrise or sunset.
  5. Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon Visit:
    • Take a boat tour to Kayangan Lake, known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning limestone cliffs. Visit the nearby Twin Lagoon for more breathtaking scenery.
  6. Malcapuya Island Beach Day:
    • Enjoy a day of sunbathing and swimming at Malcapuya Island, known for its powdery white sand and turquoise waters.
  7. Culion Historical Walking Tour:
    • Explore the history of Culion, an island with a leper colony history. Take a walking tour to visit historical sites and learn about its past.


  1. Island Hopping in Balabac:
    • Balabac is renowned for its pristine and less crowded islands. Island hopping tours take you to places like Onuk Island, Candaraman Island, and Sicsican Island.
  2. Pandanan Island Sandbar Experience:
    • Visit Pandanan Island, known for its mesmerizing sandbar. It’s a perfect spot for group photos and enjoying the sun and sea.
  3. Snorkeling and Diving:
    • Explore the vibrant marine life around Balabac through snorkeling or diving. The clear waters offer a chance to witness beautiful coral reefs and marine species.
  4. Melville Lighthouse Visit:
    • Journey to the southernmost tip of Balabac to see the historic Melville Lighthouse. It offers spectacular views of the surrounding islands.
  5. Nature Trekking in Punta Sebaring:
    • Embark on a nature trek in Punta Sebaring to witness the lush greenery and diverse flora and fauna that Balabac has to offer.
  6. Visit Bugsuk Island and Malubtib Sandbar:
    • Explore Bugsuk Island and enjoy the stunning Malubtib Sandbar. It’s a picturesque location for group activities and relaxation.
  7. Camp Life in Balabac:
    • Experience camping on some of the more remote islands. Make sure to bring necessary camping gear and enjoy the beauty of a night sky away from city lights.

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Remember to coordinate with local tour operators, follow environmental guidelines, and prioritize safety during these group activities in Busuanga, Palawan, and Balabac. Enjoy your island adventures!