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Puerto Princesa Unveiled: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Discovering Paradise: Your guide to Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan in the Philippines, is a gateway to some of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the region. Known for its stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant marine life, Puerto Princesa offers a myriad of activities for every traveler. This guide provides a detailed overview of things to do, places to stay, and how to get to this tropical paradise.

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How to Get There:

  1. By Air:
    • The primary gateway to Puerto Princesa is Puerto Princesa International Airport (PPS). Various airlines operate direct flights from major cities in the Philippines, including Manila and Cebu. International flights are also available, connecting Puerto Princesa to other Southeast Asian countries.
  2. By Sea:
    • Puerto Princesa is accessible by sea, with ferries arriving at Puerto Princesa Port from Manila and other ports in the Philippines. Travelers can choose from several ferry companies offering both daytime and overnight trips.
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Places to Stay:

  1. Luxury Resorts:
    • Pamper yourself in one of Puerto Princesa’s luxury resorts, such as Astoria Palawan, Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa, or Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa. These resorts offer world-class amenities, private beaches, and stunning views.
  2. Mid-Range Hotels:
    • For a comfortable stay at a more affordable price, consider mid-range hotels like Hue Hotels and Resorts Palawan, Best Western Plus The Ivywall Hotel, or Hotel Centro. These options provide a balance between comfort and budget.
  3. Budget Accommodations:
    • Travelers on a budget can choose from various hostels and budget guesthouses. Paboreal Boutique Hotel, Blessie’s Bed & Breakfast, and Sheebang Hostel are popular choices, offering clean and cozy accommodations.

Things to Do:

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  1. Underground River Tour:
    • A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Puerto Princesa Underground River is a must-visit. Take a guided boat tour through the stunning limestone caves and witness the intricate formations inside. Book your tour in advance to secure a spot, as it’s one of the most popular attractions in the area.
  2. Honda Bay Island Hopping:
    • Explore the crystal-clear waters of Honda Bay on an island-hopping adventure. Visit popular islands like Snake Island, Starfish Island, and Luli Island for snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing on pristine beaches.
  3. Puerto Princesa City Tour:
    • Discover the cultural and historical aspects of Puerto Princesa by taking a city tour. Visit landmarks such as the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Plaza Cuartel, and the Crocodile Farm. Don’t forget to explore the vibrant local markets for a taste of Palawan’s culinary delights.
  4. Nagtabon Beach:
    • For a serene beach experience away from the crowds, visit Nagtabon Beach. This unspoiled stretch of sand is perfect for swimming, surfing, or simply enjoying the breathtaking sunset.
  5. Iwahig Firefly Watching:
    • Experience the enchanting sight of fireflies illuminating the night sky on a river cruise at the Iwahig River. This unique eco-tourism activity provides a magical and peaceful encounter with nature.
  6. Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour:
    • Explore the intricate mangrove forests of Puerto Princesa on a paddle boat tour. Witness diverse flora and fauna while learning about the importance of mangroves in maintaining the ecological balance.
  7. Eat Local:
    • Sample the local cuisine at popular eateries like Ka Lui and Badjao Seafront Restaurant. Try seafood delicacies, including the famous “tamilok” or woodworm, for a true taste of Palawan.
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Puerto Princesa offers a harmonious blend of natural wonders, cultural richness, and relaxation. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, nature lover, or someone seeking tranquility by the beach, Puerto Princesa has something for everyone. With diverse accommodations, accessible transportation options, and a plethora of activities, a visit to Puerto Princesa promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of Palawan’s paradise.

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