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Learning Palawan Conversations: Master the Basics

Learning basic local phrases when visiting Palawan can greatly enhance your travel experience and foster positive interactions with locals.


While English is widely spoken in tourist areas, making an effort to use local phrases can be appreciated and contribute to a more immersive experience. Here’s a detailed list of basic local phrases in Palawan:

Common Greetings:

  1. Hello/Hi – “Hello” or “Hi” (widely understood)
  2. Good morning – “Magandang umaga”
  3. Good afternoon – “Magandang hapon”
  4. Good evening – “Magandang gabi”

Polite Expressions:

  1. Please – “Pakiusap” or “Paki-“
  2. Thank you – “Salamat”
  3. Thank you very much – “Maraming salamat”
  4. You’re welcome – “Walang anuman”
  5. Excuse me/Pardon – “Pasensya na” or “Paumanhin”

Basic Questions:

  1. How are you? – “Kamusta ka?”
  2. What is your name? – “Ano ang pangalan mo?”
  3. My name is… – “Ang pangalan ko ay…”
  4. Where is…? – “Saan ang…?”
  5. How much is this? – “Magkano ito?”


  1. Left – “Kaliwa”
  2. Right – “Kanan”
  3. Straight ahead – “Diretso lang”
  4. Where is the bathroom? – “Saan ang banyo?”

Common Courtesies:

  1. Excuse me, may I ask…? – “Puwede ba magtanong…?”
  2. I’m sorry – “Pasensya na”
  3. Goodbye – “Paalam” or “Sige, ingat”

Eating and Ordering Food:

  1. Menu – “Menu”
  2. Water – “Tubig”
  3. Rice – “Kanin”
  4. Delicious – “Masarap”


  1. One – “Isa”
  2. Two – “Dalawa”
  3. Three – “Tatlo”
  4. Four – “Kwatro”
  5. Five – “Singko”


  1. Help! – “Tulong!”
  2. Emergency – “Emergency”
  3. I need a doctor – “Kailangan ko ng doktor”
  4. Where is the hospital? – “Saan ang ospital?”

Expressions of Appreciation:

  1. Beautiful – “Maganda”
  2. Nice – “Maganda”
  3. I like it – “Gusto ko ito”
  4. Amazing – “Kahanga-hanga”

Shopping and Bargaining:

  1. How much is this? – “Magkano ito?”
  2. Too expensive! – “Masyadong mahal!”
  3. Can you give a discount? – “Pwedeng magbigay ng discount?”

Expressions of Agreement/Understanding:

  1. Yes – “Oo”
  2. No – “Hindi”
  3. I understand – “Naiintindihan ko”
  4. I don’t understand – “Hindi ko naiintindihan”

Time Expressions:

  1. Now – “Ngayon”
  2. Later – “Dito”
  3. Tomorrow – “Bukas”

Miscellaneous Phrases:

  1. I love Palawan – “Mahal ko ang Palawan”
  2. What is this? – “Ano ito?”
  3. Where can I find…? – “Saan makakahanap ng…?”

Tips for Learning Local Phrases:

  • Practice Pronunciation: Take the time to practice the pronunciation of these phrases with locals or language apps.
  • Use Learning Apps: Utilize language learning apps or websites to familiarize yourself with basic phrases.
  • Be Polite: Politeness goes a long way. Use “po” or “opo” to show respect, especially when talking to elders.
  • Immerse Yourself: Engage in conversations with locals, even if it’s just simple greetings. Locals often appreciate the effort to speak their language.

Learning and using these basic local phrases in Palawan can not only facilitate communication but also create a more meaningful connection with the local culture and people. It’s a simple yet effective way to show respect and appreciation for the destination you are visiting.