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Unwind in Palawan: Explore Festivals & Celebrations

Palawan is home to a variety of vibrant festivals and events that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region.


While some events are specific to certain towns or municipalities, others are celebrated across the entire province.

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Here’s a detailed list of local festivals and events in Palawan:

  1. Baragatan sa Palawan:
    • Location: Provincial Capitol Complex, Puerto Princesa
    • Schedule: June
    • Highlights: Palawan’s grandest celebration featuring street dancing, cultural presentations, trade fairs, and a showcase of the province’s diverse traditions.
  2. Pista Y Ang Kagueban (Forest Festival):
    • Location: Brooke’s Point
    • Schedule: June 22-24
    • Highlights: A festival that promotes environmental awareness with activities like tree planting, clean-up drives, cultural presentations, and a street dancing competition.
  3. Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival:
    • Location: Puerto Galera, Mindoro (accessible from Palawan)
    • Schedule: March
    • Highlights: Although not in Palawan, it attracts locals and tourists for its fusion of music, arts, and nature in a beautiful outdoor setting.
  4. Kasadyaan Festival:
    • Location: Coron
    • Schedule: February 3-10
    • Highlights: A week-long celebration featuring street dancing, parades, sports events, and cultural activities showcasing the local Tagbanua and Calamian indigenous traditions.
  5. Kaamulan Festival:
    • Location: Brooke’s Point
    • Schedule: March
    • Highlights: A thanksgiving festival featuring cultural presentations, traditional games, and rituals honoring indigenous practices.
  6. Pandami Festival:
    • Location: Rizal
    • Schedule: February
    • Highlights: Celebrated through street dancing, parades, and various cultural presentations, showcasing the town’s Tagbanua and Molbog cultural heritage.
  7. Banig Festival:
    • Location: Bataraza
    • Schedule: June 23
    • Highlights: A festival celebrating the town’s founding anniversary featuring a street dancing competition, cultural shows, and trade fairs.
  8. Tagbanua Festival:
    • Location: Quezon
    • Schedule: November
    • Highlights: A festival showcasing the Tagbanua indigenous culture through street dancing, traditional games, and cultural presentations.
  9. Tarek Festival:
    • Location: Narra
    • Schedule: June
    • Highlights: A festival celebrating the town’s agricultural abundance, featuring street dancing, agricultural exhibits, and a grand parade.
  10. Balayong Festival:
    • Location: Puerto Princesa
    • Schedule: March 4-11
    • Highlights: Celebrated in honor of the Palawan Cherry Blossoms (Balayong), the festival includes street dancing, parades, and various cultural activities.

These festivals not only provide a vibrant and festive atmosphere but also offer a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the cultural richness and diversity of Palawan. It’s recommended to check the specific dates and details of each festival closer to your planned visit, as schedules may vary from year to year.