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Maquinit Hot Springs: Relaxation in Nature’s Arms

Maquinit Hot Springs is a popular natural attraction located in Coron, Palawan, Philippines.

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Here’s a detailed description of Maquinit Hot Springs and what tourists can expect when visiting:

Location and Access:

  1. Location:
    • Maquinit Hot Springs is situated about 30 minutes away from Coron Town by tricycle or about 5 kilometers north of Coron proper.
  2. Accessibility:
    • The hot springs are easily accessible by land, and transportation options include tricycles or rented motorcycles. Many tours also include a stop at Maquinit Hot Springs.

Features of Maquinit Hot Springs:

  1. Natural Thermal Springs:
    • Maquinit Hot Springs is a natural saltwater hot spring. The water is sourced from the ground and is heated by geothermal activity. The hot springs are one of the few saltwater hot springs in the world.
  2. Temperature:
    • The hot springs maintain a temperature ranging from 37 to 40 degrees Celsius (98 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit). The warm water provides a relaxing experience, especially during cooler evenings.
  3. Surrounding Landscape:
    • Maquinit Hot Springs is nestled in a lush tropical setting, surrounded by mangrove forests. The natural ambiance adds to the soothing atmosphere of the hot springs.
  4. Wooden Boardwalks:
    • Wooden boardwalks and pathways connect the different pools within the hot springs. Visitors can stroll around the area or sit on the boardwalks and enjoy the serene surroundings.
  5. Saltwater Pools:
    • The pools are filled with saltwater from the sea, and the unique combination of the warm temperature and salt content is believed to have therapeutic properties for the skin and muscles.
  6. Open-Air Setting:
    • The hot springs are in an open-air setting, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural surroundings, including views of mangroves and the surrounding landscape.

What Tourists Should Expect:

  1. Entrance Fee:
    • There is an entrance fee to access Maquinit Hot Springs, and it is usually paid upon arrival.
  2. Evening Visits:
    • Many tourists prefer visiting Maquinit Hot Springs in the evening to enjoy the warm water under the night sky. The pools are well-lit, creating a tranquil and atmospheric experience.
  3. Comfortable Attire:
    • Wear comfortable swimwear, and bring a change of clothes. Some visitors prefer to shower after soaking in the hot springs due to the salt content.
  4. Natural Experience:
    • Maquinit Hot Springs provides a natural and rustic experience. Visitors should expect a setting that preserves the natural environment without extensive man-made structures.
  5. Local Facilities:
    • There are basic facilities available, such as changing rooms and toilets. However, the focus is on maintaining the natural charm of the hot springs.
  6. Soothing Experience:
    • Expect a soothing and relaxing experience. The combination of warm saltwater and the natural surroundings makes Maquinit Hot Springs a popular destination for unwinding.
  7. Tourist Numbers:
    • Depending on the time of day and the season, Maquinit Hot Springs can attract a fair number of tourists. Evening visits tend to be more popular.
  8. Guidelines:
    • Follow any guidelines or rules provided by the staff to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors.
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Maquinit Hot Springs offers a unique and therapeutic experience for tourists in Coron. It’s a perfect destination to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Palawan’s landscapes. Always check for any changes in entrance fees or regulations and be mindful of the environment while enjoying this natural wonder.