Fantastic diving tours with Green Gecko in Palawan

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Diving and snorkeling are both popular things to do in Palawan.
From the world famous Japanese shipwrecks to the boilers and engines and guns, you will have a one of a kind adventure. Not only the wrecks but also the lagoons and lakes within the islands. Make sure to see the 9th best ship wreck dive in the world and Barracuda Lake an amazing thermo-cline adventure with the lower and upper levels consisting of cold salt water and the middle level hot fresh water.

There are so many amazing dive sites for new and experienced divers to choose from. Whether diving in the reefs or wrecks, or doing a 3 & 4 day island hopping tour and diving on the 2nd day, Green Gecko Eco Adventures spells one thing….awesome thrills.

Dive in Coron

Siete Pecados
Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake 02


Dive in El Nido

Inter Islands

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