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Scenic Drives: Road Tripping in Palawan

Palawan, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and pristine natural beauty, offers road trippers the opportunity to embark on scenic drives that showcase the best of the island’s diverse scenery.


From coastal roads with panoramic ocean views to lush inland routes surrounded by tropical forests, Palawan’s scenic drives are a feast for the eyes.

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Here’s a detailed description of the scenic drives for a memorable road trip in Palawan:

1. Puerto Princesa to Sabang:

  • Route Description:
    • The drive from Puerto Princesa to Sabang takes you through picturesque coastal landscapes and dense forests.
    • The road meanders along the coastline, providing stunning views of the West Philippine Sea.
    • Highlights include the famous Underground River in Sabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. El Nido to Nacpan Beach:

  • Route Description:
    • The journey from El Nido to Nacpan Beach takes you through scenic countryside and offers glimpses of local village life.
    • The road unfolds into panoramic views of rice paddies, hills, and eventually leads to the pristine shores of Nacpan Beach.
    • The stretch of road leading to Nacpan is often cited as one of the most beautiful in the Philippines.

3. Coron Circumferential Road:

  • Route Description:
    • The Coron Circumferential Road provides breathtaking views of limestone cliffs, turquoise waters, and lush landscapes.
    • This road trip takes you around Coron Island, offering various stops for viewpoints and photo opportunities.
    • Explore secluded beaches, hot springs, and picturesque lakes along the route.

4. Port Barton to San Vicente:

  • Route Description:
    • The drive from Port Barton to San Vicente is a tranquil journey through coastal villages and dense greenery.
    • Experience the charm of rural Palawan as you pass by local communities and catch glimpses of secluded beaches.
    • San Vicente is known for its long white sand beach, making it a rewarding endpoint for the road trip.

5. Rizal Avenue Extension in Puerto Princesa:

  • Route Description:
    • Rizal Avenue Extension in Puerto Princesa offers a scenic drive along the city’s coastline.
    • Enjoy views of Honda Bay and the mountains in the distance as you drive along this picturesque stretch.
    • The road is lined with palm trees and is particularly enchanting during sunrise or sunset.

6. Taytay to El Nido via Taytay-El Nido National Highway:

  • Route Description:
    • The drive from Taytay to El Nido takes you through scenic landscapes, passing by lush forests and limestone formations.
    • Enjoy views of the South China Sea and the expansive Taytay Bay.
    • The road trip showcases the natural beauty of northern Palawan and its diverse ecosystems.

7. Quezon to Roxas:

  • Route Description:
    • The road from Quezon to Roxas traverses the interior of Palawan, offering a different perspective from coastal drives.
    • Pass through rolling hills, agricultural landscapes, and dense forests.
    • This route provides a glimpse into the rural life of Palawan away from the more touristy areas.

Tips for a Scenic Road Trip in Palawan:

  • Travel During Daylight: Many scenic routes offer stunning views that are best appreciated during daylight hours. Plan your road trips accordingly.
  • Check Road Conditions: Some routes may be affected by weather conditions, especially during the rainy season. Check road conditions and plan accordingly.
  • Explore Detours: Don’t be afraid to take detours or explore side roads. Some of the best-hidden gems can be found off the main routes.
  • Pack Essentials: Bring water, snacks, and a camera to capture the scenic beauty along the way. Sunscreen and comfortable clothing are also recommended.
  • Respect Local Communities: When passing through local communities, drive respectfully and interact courteously with residents.
  • Plan Stops: Identify scenic viewpoints, attractions, or cultural sites along the route and plan stops for a more immersive experience.

Embarking on a road trip in Palawan allows travelers to connect with the island’s natural beauty and diverse landscapes. Whether cruising along coastal roads or venturing into the heart of the island, each drive reveals a different facet of Palawan’s enchanting scenery, making the journey as memorable as the destination.