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Sun Protection Strategies for Beating the Heat on Water

Embarking on a boat excursion in Palawan’s stunning waters is an adventure of a lifetime, but the tropical sun can be unforgiving. To ensure a comfortable and sun-safe experience, mastering effective sun protection strategies is essential. This guide provides detailed insights and practical tips for beating the heat on open waters, allowing you to bask in the beauty of Palawan while safeguarding your well-being.


Understanding the Sun in Palawan:

Palawan, with its tropical climate, experiences abundant sunshine throughout the year. The sun’s rays can be particularly intense, especially when you’re out on open waters. Understanding the potential risks of prolonged sun exposure is crucial for planning a sun-safe boat excursion.

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Strategies for Sun Protection:

  1. Sunscreen Mastery:
    • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF rating, ideally 30 or above. Apply it generously and reapply every two hours or more frequently if swimming.
    • Opt for a water-resistant formula to withstand the sea spray and ensure protection during water activities.
    • Don’t forget often overlooked areas like the tops of your feet, the back of your neck, and your ears.
  2. Protective Clothing:
    • Wear lightweight, long-sleeved clothing with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) for added sun protection. UPF clothing acts as a barrier against harmful UV rays.
    • Choose light colors to reflect, rather than absorb, the sun’s rays, helping to keep you cooler.
  3. Wide-Brimmed Hats:
    • Invest in a wide-brimmed hat to shield your face, neck, and ears from direct sunlight. A hat with a ventilated crown ensures proper air circulation, preventing overheating.
    • Consider a hat with a chin strap to secure it during boat movements and wind.
  4. Sunglasses with UV Protection:
    • Protect your eyes from the intense glare by wearing sunglasses with UV protection. Look for lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.
    • Polarized lenses are excellent for reducing glare from the water’s surface.
  5. Seek Shade and Take Breaks:
    • Designate shaded areas on the boat to retreat from the sun periodically. Take breaks in these shaded spots to rest and cool down.
    • Plan activities that allow for breaks, such as beach picnics or snorkeling sessions with breaks in between.
  6. Hydration:
    • Stay hydrated to combat the dehydrating effects of the sun and sea. Bring plenty of water and sip regularly throughout the day.
    • Avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol, as they can contribute to dehydration.
  7. Cooling Accessories:
    • Consider bringing cooling accessories like a handheld fan, cooling towels, or a small spray bottle filled with water. These can provide instant relief when the sun feels particularly intense.
  8. Time Your Activities:
    • Plan your boat activities around the sun’s peak intensity. Morning and late afternoon are generally cooler times for exploration and water activities.
    • If possible, schedule snorkeling and other water activities during these hours when the sun is less harsh.
  9. Regular Skin Checks:
    • Perform regular skin checks to monitor for signs of sunburn or irritation. If you notice redness, seek shade and reapply sunscreen immediately.
    • Be vigilant about applying sunscreen to often-missed areas like the tops of your hands and the back of your legs.
  10. After-Sun Care:
    • Pack after-sun products like aloe vera gel or a soothing lotion to alleviate any sunburn or irritation. Apply generously after returning from your boat excursion.

Special Considerations for Boat Excursions:

  1. Boat-Specific Precautions:
    • Be mindful of reflective surfaces on the water, which can intensify sun exposure. Double up on protective measures when surrounded by sea and sunlight.
    • Secure loose items on the boat to prevent them from being blown away by the wind.
  2. Sun Protection for Water Activities:
    • For activities like snorkeling or kayaking, ensure that your sunscreen is reef-safe to minimize the impact on marine ecosystems.
    • Use waterproof and sweat-resistant sunscreen to maintain protection during water activities.
  3. Boat Infrastructure:
    • Choose boat operators that provide adequate shade on deck. Well-designed boats often have shaded areas where passengers can seek refuge from the sun.
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Palawan’s open waters offer an unparalleled canvas for exploration, but the radiant sun requires careful consideration to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. By adopting these sun protection strategies, you can navigate Palawan’s seas with confidence, basking in the natural beauty of the region while safeguarding your well-being. Embrace these precautions as integral components of your boat excursion, allowing you to create lasting memories without compromising on safety and comfort amid the tropical splendor of Palawan.