You are currently viewing You Won’t Believe These 5 Dreamy Wedding Spots in Coron 😲👰‍♀️💍 (Get Insider Tips!)
Wedding in Coron

You Won’t Believe These 5 Dreamy Wedding Spots in Coron 😲👰‍♀️💍 (Get Insider Tips!)

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Wedding in Coron
Wedding in Coron

Imagine exchanging vows with the turquoise waters of Coron as your witness, those majestic limestone cliffs as your backdrop, and a gentle sea breeze carrying the sound of your “I do’s.” Forget those generic ballroom weddings – this Philippine paradise is THE place for unforgettable destination weddings. Let’s explore the best spots, planning essentials, and how to make your Coron wedding a tropical dream come true.

1. Wedding Beachfront Bliss: Tie the Knot with Your Toes in the Sand

When you picture a destination wedding, a stunning beach often comes to mind, and Coron delivers with spectacular options:

  • Club Paradise Palawan: This luxurious resort is all about privacy and those iconic overwater bungalows. Imagine walking down a flower-strewn aisle overlooking the crystal-clear water! It’s the ultimate tropical fantasy.
  • Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa: Spacious, modern, and with breathtaking ocean views, it can accommodate larger weddings easily. Their packages often include everything from decorations to catering, making your planning a breeze.
  • Sunset Tip: Time your beach ceremony just before sunset for magical photos. The golden light reflecting on the water and the vibrant colors in the sky create a backdrop that’s simply out of this world.

2. Garden Romance: Where Jungle Meets Ocean

Want a lush, tropical haven for your wedding? Coron’s inland gardens are perfect. Picture exchanging vows surrounded by vibrant blooms, the gentle sound of a waterfall, and the lushness of a tropical rainforest. Sangat Island Dive Resort is known for its stunning garden ceremonies.

3. Say “I Do” at Sea: Private Yacht Weddings

For a truly unique and unforgettable experience, charter a private yacht! Coron is ideal for this thanks to its calm waters and countless island backdrops. Here’s why a yacht wedding is amazing:

  • Ultimate Privacy: It’s just you, your loved ones, and the open sea – a truly intimate setting.
  • Customizable: Plan your ceremony on the deck as the sun dips below the horizon, or a reception with the twinkling lights of Coron as your backdrop. Many local companies offer wedding cruise packages for different budgets.

4. Intimate & Unforgettable: Coron’s Elopement Paradise

If grand weddings aren’t your style, Coron is the perfect spot for an intimate elopement or a small celebration. Here’s why:

  • Focus on You: With fewer guests, you get to focus on what truly matters – your love and your commitment.
  • Splurge on the Details: Smaller weddings mean you can spend more on things like a private chef for a romantic beach dinner, a couple’s spa day, or a sunset sailboat ride just for two.

5. The Legal Stuff: Wedding Requirements for Foreigners

Before you start packing those bags, let’s get practical! Non-Filipino residents need to secure a marriage license. The process can take time, so it’s crucial to start well in advance. Consider hiring a local wedding planner who can guide you through the paperwork with ease.

Bonus: Adventure After “I Do”

Coron isn’t just about the wedding; it’s a full-fledged honeymoon destination too! Plan some extra time and explore:

  • Island Hopping: An absolute must! Snorkeling vibrant reefs, relaxing on hidden beaches –it’s pure island paradise.
  • Diving Delights: Coron is famous for wreck diving and incredible marine life. Even beginner divers can have amazing experiences.
  • Epic Expeditions: If you’re the adventurous type, Green Gecko Expeditions has those amazing 3-day boat trips from Coron to El Nido (or vice versa!). Picture island hopping, remote beaches, and memories you’ll cherish forever.

Make Your Wedding a Coron Dream

Whether you’re envisioning a grand beach celebration, an intimate elopement in the jungle, or saying “I do” on the deck of a yacht, Coron has everything you need for a magical wedding. Start planning and those wedding photos will have everyone jealous!

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