Monkey Beach in Coron, Palawan, is run by Green Gecko Hostels, Tours and Expeditions. The beach is actually forms part of their 3 day tour from Coron to El Nido. This white sand beach oasis is a slice of paradise that beckons you with its natural beauty.
The sand is so fine that it squeaks underfoot as you walk on it. Imagine sinking your toes into this soft, powdery shoreline, surrounded by aquamarine waters that invite you to take a refreshing dip
Beneath the crystal-clear surface, vibrant coral reefs teem with life. Exotic fish dart amongst the corals, creating a mesmerizing underwater world. Snorkeling or diving here is like entering a living kaleidoscope

Of course its not just the amazing white sand beach that the guests enjoy, there are also spectacular Mountains and Cliffs: Monkey Beach is surrounded by these majestic mountains and cliffs.
These rugged formations add to the awe-inspiring landscape, creating an amazingly unique Island Experience.
There are Caves if you’re an explorer at heart…. you’ll love the numerous caves dotting the coastline. Venture into these mysterious caverns and discover hidden chambers, stalactites, and secrets waiting to be unveiled.

Of course, the beach is embraced by a thick, lush green jungle. Imagine the scent of tropical foliage, the rustling of leaves, and the calls of exotic birds.
Lets not forget the monkeys. These shy Macaques swing from tree branches high above on the cliffs, adding to the wild charm of this paradise. Because of the lack of human interaction, these local Macaques (about 20 in total), these Macaques keep a far distance away.
You will undoubtedly have a chance to see them if you take Green Geckos 3 day Coron to El Nido tour.


Green Gecko has secured a 15-year lease (with a 5 yr option to extend) on Monkey Beach. The 15yr term will commence once the governments NCIP issues a FDIC giving the development a government go-ahead.
They offer an exciting opportunity for investors to own 50% of this idyllic white sand beach paradise. You can choose from
bamboo cottages or treehouses, nestled amid this natural wonder. It’s a chance to be part of something truly extraordinary . You own and rent the beach cottage or treehouse
and list it on Booking,com , Airbnb directly. You get paid every month and then you forward the 50% share to Green Gecko at the end of each month. Own a part of a beach resort and let Green Gecko handle with all the guests requests and/or complaints.

Remember, this isn’t just a beach investment —it’s a dream come true. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or both, Monkey Beach awaits with open arms.

For more details of a copy of our brochure, you may contact Green Gecko Eco Hostel and Tours Coron Palawan via Whatsapp +63936-870-3054